Resume Foundation

Resume Foundation is an NGO that started in 1993 to work towards the betterment of the society and with a strong focus on working towards Tribal Development and Forest Development. The mission of this organization is to develop the skills among the tribes to make them self-sufficient for creating income by generating assets with their local resources majorly from the forests.   


In today’s world, there is a severe need to uplift the tribes by ensuring their overall development and looking towards this urge, Resume Foundation started working for tribes with the following objectives: 

To accelerate the pace of economic development of tribes. 

To provide training on a massive scale for skill development for self-wage/ employment.

To empower women self-help groups for them to give economic support to their families.

To bridge the gaps and loopholes of their development schemes


In the remote areas of forest, mitigating the basic needs is itself a big challenge in front of the tribes. Only food is considered as a basic requirement when clothing, shelter, health and education are all tributary parts of life. Analysing this scenario, Resume Foundation took an initiative to uplift the tribes by working in a single umbrella with multiple services for the overall development and upgradation of the targeted class. The foundation started working in close coordination with the tribal department at Gadchiroli, Bhamragadh, Aheri, Pandharkawda, Bhandara, Gondia, Wardha, Ramtek, Sakoli etc.

Resume foundation has taken the following initiatives for Tribal & Forest focusing on skill development: 

    • Working as a Consultant for Maharashtra Bamboo Development Board 
    • Worked with अपर आयुक्त आदिवासी विकास विभाग 
    • Worked with आदिवासी संशोधन प्रशिक्षण संस्था महाराष्ट्र राज्य
    • Worked with सामाजिक वनीकरण पुणे
    • Organization of 3 months training for the Tribal students on ‘Electrical & Welding work’ in close coordination with Adani foundation and successfully placed the candidates at PIAGGIO / Vehicle Baramati / Wheels India Ltd. –Ranjhangao Pune. 
    • Worked with government departments of Wildlife forest and Regular forest 
  • Working as CSR partners with esteemed organizations like Lupin, Adani foundation, KEC Internationals,Mahindra & Mahindra, Orange City Water Pvt. Ltd. etc. 
    • Organize Job fairs particularly for the Tribal students
    • Working as a Planner for Bamboo eco-friendly village to expand tourism and to promote bamboo artists at Dahanu district Thane also supporting Chandrapur project for bamboo structure preparations.
    • Organize various awareness programmes for Tribes, villagers and farmers for Bamboo plantation and product development. 
    • Mobilize the tribes on massive scale for the livelihood initiations
    • Working on rural cluster, for training & development, plantation particularly for underprivileged people
    • Initiated Bamboo product exhibition at Nagpur South central zone in collaboration with other states i.e MP, CG, AP, Gujrat
    • Skill development programmes for bamboo Artists from Tribal areas
    • Work on rural cluster for training & development 
    • Built a common facility center for the tribes where raw material is made available at a glance with the help of the forest department on a very low cost, skill development tools and techniques are being available, bamboo processing is being done at the center with advanced equipment.
    • Working on a larger scale with Bamboo mission for the promotion of bamboos. 
    • Organize various campaigns and International day observations.
    • Organize various social programmes on tree plantation, health, education and livelihood for the above mentioned group of people and mobilize them for their self-development in a sustainable manner. 
    • Collaborated with Ananad Van Prakalp run by Baba Amte to organize various trainings for trainers for the Bamboo Artist. Training center established for the tribes of Bhamragadh at Hemalkasa district Gadhchiroli. It was a great initiative towards income generation of the tribal community. 
    • Organized several health check-up camps for the tribes of Gadhchiroli district. 
  • Work with Oxfam- India Trust for the social elevation of the Tribes.
  • Work with the organization Lok Biradari Prakalpa  
  • Work Under the banner of registered organization Resume Services, organized various social events in collaboration with Tribal Bamboo workers, Watershed Management, Agricultural and Social Forestry (IWDP) department in rural areas. 
  • Research & development on the effective tools, techniques and low cost machineries for bamboo, cutting and product making were done and achieved expected results. 
  • Support various NGOs working for the welfare of Tribes and Forest by having a good rapport with a number of I.A.S , I.F.S, I.P.S officers, (Co- Assistance) Politicians, Senior Executives in Public, Private and Social Sectors. 
  • Organized various trainings on the following need based subjects for Tribes of Maharashtra:
  1. Dropping anti-social habits
  2. Rehabilitation programme
  3. Self-upgradation 
  4. Self-Motivation
  5. Income Generation etc.